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Tata Shaktee 910mm Tata Shaktee GC Sheets

Tata Shaktee presents 910 mm GC sheets in the Indian market. With 13 corrugations and a width of 910 mm, Tata Shaktee GC sheets give you the added benefit of superior quality at super savings while building your house. The advantages of using the superior 910 mm (13 corrugations) over standard 800 mm (11 corrugations) GC sheets are many.

Lesser number of sheets required

Since 910 mm Tata Shaktee GC sheets are 13% wider than standard 800mm GC sheets, fewer number of 910mm GC sheets would be required to cover the same roof area. *Length of the roof assumed to be 16 ft for calculations.

Fewer joints required

910 mm Tata Shaktee GC sheets allow you to have fewer overlaps which not only reduce wastage but also the number of joints.

Fewer joints required

Since fewer holes need to be drilled to fix 910mm Tata Shaktee GC sheets, there are lower numbers of seepage points on the roof. This increases sheet life.

Greater Savings

Use of 910 mm Tata Shaktee GC sheet reduces the number of sheets and accessories required and therefore reduce labour cost. Hence you save more than ever before.