Tata Tiscon 500D, the higher strength rebar from Tata Steel has been specially created for high strength applications. It is ideal for dams, bridges, high-rises or any critical structure where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties.

Tata Tiscon 500D is made to latest BIS 2008 standard for lower harmful impurities of sulphur and phosphorus.

Higher bond strength
higher bond strength is developed between the rebar and the surrounding concrete. The design and profile of the rib and its replication throughout the length of the rebar by using automated milling machines, leading to uniform strength

More economy
    Tata Tiscon 500D rebar are higher in strength and elongation. This helps you economise on steel consumption without sacrificing safety.

Excellent  bend ability
Due to the controlled process of manufacturing rebar under Tempcore technology, the tough outer surface and the soft core of Tata Tiscon 500D result in a rebar with excellent  valves of bend ability, the rebar can be bent around mandrels much smaller than those specified in IS 1786, which has on obvious advantage in the construction sites.

Superior weld ability
Tata Tiscon 500D is produced with low carbon and carbon equivalent. The higher strength property is imparted by precisely controlling the parameters of thermo mechanical treatment to ensure superior reliability. It can be butt- welded or lap-welded using simple welding practices with ordinary rutile coated electrodes of matching strength. Generally, no pre and post welding treatment is required.

Higher corrosion resistance
The precise control of the thermo mechanical treatment process, result in a uniform and thick tempered martensitic rim, completely free from internet stresses. The martensitic rim improves the corrosion resistance of Tata Tiscon 500D as well as its fatigue strength.

Close dimensional tolerances
Tata Tiscon 500D is supplied with mass/metre on the negative side of the specified tolerance on a weighted average basis. This further reduces consumption because of extra-length per mass.

Superior seismic resistance
Due its unique combination of strength and ductility, Tata Tiscon 500D can adequately support  a loads on column joints in a RCC structure, the energy dissipation was found to be almost same for each cycle indicating very high and uniform ductility maintained under such loads.
  IS : 1786 Fe 500D Tata Tescon 500D*
(Typical values)

Chemical Properties

% Carbon (max)
% Sulphur (s) (max)
% Phosphorus (P) (max)
%S&P (max)
* (Typical Values for 90%)

High Ductility

No Cold Twisting

Higher and Uniform Strength

Elongation 18.25%

No residual Stress

Yield strength 500 N/mm2

*(Typical VALUES FOR 90%)

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