Life At Bihani Group

“Bihani Group” believes in the philosophy of “continuous learning” for all employees. At heart the group remains a small organization, consisting of multiple business units; providing employees opportunities for entrepreneurship, growth and development.


This learning environment is actively supported and guided by the Leadership Team which brings about continuous upgradation in skills and knowledge for personal and professional development of individuals; and thereby helps keep “Bihani Group” at the forefront in a fast-changing, competitive scenario.


Our investments in our human resource development help us building a holistic organization culture where learning is incorporated as an integral part of daily work. This learning framework is contionusly upgraded and enhanced. Furthermore, a cross-knit coordination ensures that it meets the different learning needs of our employees in specific areas of technology, management, leadership, cultural and communication skills, and other soft skills.

Our Frameworks for developing employees include:
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