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Over the years, a good amount of awareness has been generated about the usage of good quality reinforcement bars for the safety and longevity of concrete structures. However, the complete safety of the building can be ensured only if the main reinforcement bars are supported by stirrups of good quality. Traditionally, stirrups are made manually at the construction site by the bar benders using rudimentary ways. In most cases, such stirrups do not comply with prescribed standards. Besides dimensional inaccuracies, this can lead to improper locking of the ends thereby increasing the chances of failure during earthquakes. Such manual practice of making stirrups, besides leading to wastages, also takes more time as well as need more space at the site.

Key Features of Superlinks
Package Like Any Other Consumer Product !

Superlinkscomes in a packaged bundle like any other consumer product which can be easily carried by consumers from the dealer outlets. Thus, the product will address the consumer need of safe structure as well convenience of buying.

Superlinks provides Super Savings !

In the face of shortage of labour and cost of working capital, Superlinks enables builders and home owners to complete the structures 70% faster over traditional methods, thereby providing significant savings.

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