Tata Wiron Distributor: Your Trusted Partner for Wire and fencing Solutions

Rohit & Company is authorized distributor for Tata Wiron offering a comprehensive range of GI wires, Binding wire, PC wire, LRPC Wire, Barbed wire, Chain-link and premium range of fencing solution- Knotted fence and 3D weld-mesh. From industrial requirements to farming solution, Tata Wiron wires are designed to deliver unmatched performance and quality.

GI Wire Products:
Tata Aayush GI wire:- Ensuring Longevity and Reliability

TATA Aayush GI wire comes with the Tashiel-1000 coating which covers the zink coating and doubles the life of the wire. TATA Aayush Gi wire comes with distinct blue shade and TATA Wiron-Aayush print.

Tata Aayush Barbed wire:- Unmatched Strength and Durability

Tata Wiron’s barbed wire is a dependable answer when it comes to security. As a distributor of Tata barbed wire, Rohit & Company provides high-quality barbed wire products that put security and deterrents first. Our Tata Wiron barbed wire is made to survive difficult circumstances and offers reliable security solutions for a variety of applications. We guarantee that you will receive authentic Tata Wiron barbed wire that fulfils industry requirements and beyond your expectations thanks to our knowledge and dedication to quality. To safeguard your property with a dependable and reputable option, select us as your Tata barbed wire distributor.

TATA Wiron Chin-link Fence- Secure and Reliable

When it comes to choosing the reliable and durable solution for Chain-link fence, Rohit and Company provides you the tailor-made chain-link fence solution as per the requirements. When it comes for choosing ideal chain-link fence solution you will find herea wide range of options of Wire diameter, mesh sizes and customised termination (Top and bottom of Chain-link fence can be customised as knuckled or twisted) as per your requirements. TATA wiron Chain-link fence comes with premium quality and multiple coating options which helps from corrosion from degrading its life.

TATA Wiron Knotted Fence- Impact resistant and cost effective

The Knotted Fence comes with the python knot and the shape of the knot makes it stronger than woven chain-link fence. The knotted fence is designed in such a way that the impact of any force on the fence is evenly distributed along the entire mesh. TATA Knotted fence is cost effective as well due to its unique design of the Knots which make its strong but lighter in weight.

3D Weld-mesh – Aesthetic fencing solution with safety

TATA 3D weldmesh is a modern aesthetic fence solution for all democratic needs. It adds and upmarket look to the property. The uniquely designed fence which looks aesthetical along with customised solutions. The Mesh is available in multiple colours and with posts and installation materials.

Binding wire- Best in every aspect

TATA binding wire is made up with the best quality raw material which comes from TATA steel iron ore. It undergoes ultra-modern laboratory quality tests which make this best in class. Tata Binding wire is available in multiple diameter options.

Value Propositions
Mesh Sizes (inch)HightWire Size
2″*2″,2.5″*2.5″,3″*3″,4″*4″2feet – 10 feet8Swg, 10Swg, 10Swg
Value Propositions
Feature Type
Dimension (Strand Dia X Barb Dia) 12swg * 12swg
12swg * 14swg

14swg * 14swg

GSM Coating 50gsm – 90gsm
Barb Spacing 3inches – 4inches
Value Propositions
Type (svg) Length Per in ft
12 x 12 Approx 24 ft
12 x 14 Approx 29 ft
14 x 14 Approx 39 ft
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